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Classic Sportswear has been manufacturing on and off-field apparel for professional sports for almost 90 years, delivering best in class product for elite athletes and fans. The Classic brand is known for its quality in the sports sector, delivered through Classic’s unrelenting commitment to product development, technology and innovation.


Train like a pro: Experience superior moisture control, and harness integrated wearables for peak performance.

Key Features


Classic’s wearable technology and unique design elements are applied to all elite professional products for ultimate performance and comfort.

Moisture Wicking

Patented STAY COOL™ technology transfers moisture from the skin through the fabric for efficient evaporation.

Boosts performance

Our fabrics combine strength and versatility with Pro Tech Performance Fabrication, Laser bonded GPS and Silicone Grip Technology.

Serious athletes
wear classic.

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Our history is full of partnerships with renowned clients who have relied on us to create top-quality pro kits, defining the benchmark for performance and style in sports attire.
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